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            1.    What is liberalized electricity market?

The liberalized electricity market in Bulgaria was created and operates in accordance with European directives to liberalize energy markets. Liberalized market enables participants to freely negotiate the price and terms of delivery of electricity and to choose their counterparty. Thus creating a competitive environment and the price of electricity is determined on a market basis.


            2.   What is the procedure for registering on free market?

The registration of the free market and the switching of a supplier is administered by the grid operator to whose distribution grid is connected the corresponding site. The procedure is free and is done by submitting documents. Energy MT EAD can perform the procedure with a notarized power of attorney from you.


          3.   What are the deadlines for switching supplier and how often you can change it?

Change of supplier for consumers connected to the electricity distribution grid (EDG) should be requested until the 10th of the month before the month of effective change. The change comes into force respectively from the first day of the month. The frequency with which each user may switch supplier is according to his own discretion related to the terms of signed contract with the current supplier and regulatory deadline.


             4.   Does the change happen only with documents?

Yes, the switch of supplier happens only by submitting documents; not engage in any physical actions on the grid and / or facilities; electricity traders are not limited territorially and can supply electricity to consumers no matter which grid they are connected to.


             5.   What are standardized load profiles?

Standardized load profiles (STP) allow the customers, who have no electric hourly metering devices, to go on the free market, which functions by reading the hourly quantities consumed electrical energy. Such consumers are small business consumers with under 100kW available power and all household consumers.The profiles themselves are factors for the hourly distribution of the total amount of electricity consumed within one calendar year. The profile may be different depending on the nature of the consumption of the respective client and is determined by the grid operator.


              6.   Who am I to contact in case of electricity failure?

Whether the user is on thefree or theregulated market, the electricity transmission and distribution activities are carried out by the gridoperator who holds the license to perform them; When the power is turned off, the gridoperator is responsible and you should turn to them; The gridoperator is also responsible for the quality of the electrical energy.


              7.   Should I change my electric meter?

No, when switching supplier, the commercial metering devices(electricity meters) are not changed; The data reported thereon is transmitted by the gridoperator tothe selected providerfor billing purposes.


               8.   How many invoiced will I receive?

At the conclusion of a contract with combined services (mandatory for users with a standardized load profile), Energy MT issues a single invoice for energy and gridservices at the end of each month. Upon the conclusion of a contract for the supply of electricity between Energy MT EAD and a consumer with a technical possibility for hourly measurement of the consumed electricity, Energy MT EAD invoices the electrical energy and the “Price obligations to society" , and the gridservices are invoiced by the gridoperator.

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