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Комбинирана балансираща група

Combined balancing group

Standart balacing groupCombined balancing group  

Since the 1st of June 2014 all producers of electricity from renewable sources and high-efficiency co-generation participate in the balancing market which is governed by the ESO EAD and they pay costs for imbalances. ESO determines hourly prices of shortage and surplus on the base of activated sources for balancing of the electric power system. According to the Electricity Market Rules /EMR/ the producers of electricity from renewable sources and high-efficiency co-generation automatically come under the so called Special balancing groups. Coordinators of these groups are NEK, Energo Pro, CEZ and EVN depending on the grid to which the plants are connected. The Electricity Market Rules provide producers of electricity from renewable sources and high-efficiency co-generation with the opportunity to leave the Special groups. In order to do that the producers choose a coordinator of a combined balancing group and execute the procedure for „switching the balancing group coordinator”.




In 2013 Energy MT becamethe first company to be granted with a license for a combined balancing group. After that we started conducting tests with interested producers of electricity from renewable sources.This allowed us to test over a year before the balancing market for all participants formally launched.

Sincethe 1st of November 2014 we are the first coordinator of actual working combined balancing group and now runs one of the most successful and formidable combined groups in Bulgaria.Both Bulgarian and foreign investors have put their trust in us, and our portfolio includes PvPPs, HPPs and Biomass.

Our model for distribution of imbalances between participants takes into account the accuracy of the individual forecast of each participant and the relative part of each participant in the imbalance of the group. Each participant takes the effect only of its own imbalance in the aggregated imbalance of the group and there is no possibility for transferring imbalances between technologies or between participants.

In order to evaluate the results of participation in our balancing group we offer a testing period and a simulated analysisat the request of the client.

All renewable energy producers who are interested to join the combined group Energy MT offersfull assistance with documentation procedures „switching the balancing group coordinator”.

After the amendments to the Energy Act (EA) and the Law on renewable energy sources (LRES) RES producers are able to sell energy on the free market after reaching the amount of net specific production. Energy MT EAD in its role as dealer of the free market has the right to conclude contracts for the purchase of electricity. Due to our extensive experience with trading of electricity in Bulgarian and international markets, we are able to offer our customers very good conditions for power purchase on the free market.


Should you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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